Portasol ProPiezo75 Gas Soldering Iron Kit

Portasol ProPiezo75 Gas Soldering Iron Kit

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The Portasol Pro Piezo 75 is a powerful gas soldering iron, featuring an adjustable temperature control allowing soldering tip temperatures up to 580°C. With equivalent electrical power of between 15 and 75 Watts, there is little that's not possible with this beauty. It incorporates a viewing window at the end of the gas tank, to keep an eye on the fuel level. The fuel tank fills in around 20 seconds, and will provide approximately 45 minutes of run time. Ignition is via the built in Piezo crystal mechanism, and the end cap provides safety gas shut off when replaced. The Portasol Pro Piezo is a dream to use, and will not let you down.

Available Tips (sold separately)
1.0mm (TS1311)
2.4mm (TS1312)
4.8mm (TS1313)
Hot Air Blower (TS1314)
Hot Knife (TS1315)


  • Quality Storage Case.
  • Cleaning Sponge and tray.
  • 2.4mm double flat tip (TS1312)
  • Hot air blower (TS1314)
  • Hot knife Tip (TS1315)
  • Hot air deflector.
  • Flame Tip


  • Ignition | Piezo Spark
  • Safety Lock for Storage | yes
  • Length | 178mm
  • Diameter | 22mm
  • Weight | 75g
  • Fuel type | Butane
  • Burn time | 45min
  • Refill time | 20sec
  • Soldering Power Rating | 75W
  • Temperature | 580°C
  • Temperature Regulated | yes
  • Spare Tips Available | yes
  • Tip Types Available | Chisel, Flame, Blower


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