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Suits: TX3100 TX3120 TX3200 TX3220 TX3340 TX3345 TX3350 TX3400 TX3420 TX3440 TX3500 TX3510 TX3520 TX3540 TX3550 TX3600 TX3620 TX4400 TX4500 XRS-330C XRS-370C


The difference between a Genuine GME DC power cable and a cheap aftermarket job is the fuse holder. The GME fuse holder is a round clip together type whereas the cheaper ones are the basic press and twist types. Harsh road conditions over time the end of the brass contacts that connect with the fuse build up tarnish and do not make a 100% contact with the fuse which cause the fuse holder to overheat and melt.

  • 12V DC Power cable fused with warning tag.


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