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Suits: TX6160X0

Includes: Keypad, speaker, microphone, PTT button & rubber, battery release clip.


Fitting Instructions
Remove the antenna and volume knob & remove the retaining nuts (use small pointy nose pliers). Remove the Battery & unscrew the 2 screws at the bottom. Carefully prize the back bottom out and slide downwards a couple of centimetres and the whole PCB with cast backing should slide out. Get your mobile phone and take a pic where the wires for the MIC and SPEAKER are soldered to. Un-solder these wires & solder the new ones form the new front panel to the PCB making sure you have the correct polarity - check the image that you took with your phone.  Slide the assembly into the new front panel and click in firmly at the back. Before screwing back together, fit the battery & antenna and check that all the buttons work correctly including the PTT and that the speaker is working (just press the SQL button under the PTT button). Remove the battery, put the two screws back in, fit the retaining nuts for the antenna and volume control, put your battery back on. Fit the volume knob and antenna and you are right to go.



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