Portasol TECHNIC Gas Soldering Iron

Portasol TECHNIC Gas Soldering Iron

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The Portasol Technic combines compact power, and convenient reliability, making it one of the most versatile gas soldering irons available. It offers a run time of around 60 minutes, and tip temperature is adjustable up to 450°C. With equivalent electrical power of between 10 and 60 Watts, it is ready to tackle just about anything. The protective end cap features a built in flint type ignitor, and if the gas is left on, it will turn it off when replaced. If a compact, versatile, and reliable gas iron is what you're after, then the Portasol Technic is for you.  Includes 1.0mm conical tip.


Available Tips
1.0mm (TS1306)
2.4mm (TS1307)
4.8mm (TS1308)



  • Ignition | Included Flint
  • Length | 170mm
  • Diameter | 19mm
  • Weight | 60g
  • Fuel type | Butane
  • Burn time | 60min
  • Refill time | 10sec
  • Soldering iron type | Gas Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Power Rating | 60W
  • Temperature | 400°C
  • Temperature Regulated | NO
  • Spare Tips Available | YES.



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