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XRS™ Connect is an Australian Made radio platform designed to be smart, adaptable, and rugged.

Introducing the new Australian Made XRS™ Connect Handheld UHF CB Radio, XRS-660.

Building on the market-leading innovation of GME’s popular range of XRS™ Connect UHF CB Radios, the Australian Made XRS-660 offers several exciting new features, clearly demonstrating GME’s unwavering commitment to the development of new technology for UHF CB Radio users.

The XRS-660 is the first Handheld UHF CB Radio to feature a Colour TFT LCD screen, providing the ultimate Handheld radio display for all environmental conditions – even in full sunlight.

Bluetooth® audio connectivity allows the XRS-660 to wirelessly connect to an extensive range of third-party audio accessories, providing users with new and improved ways to stay connected.

Built-in GPS functionality ensures the XRS-660 offers true location awareness without relying on a smartphone to provide GPS location data. This capability is particularly useful in commercial applications where location tracking of users in remote areas is often required for workplace safety.

Featuring rugged IP67 Ingress Protection and a MIL-STD810G rating, the XRS-660 is our toughest and most advanced Handheld UHF CB Radio yet.

GME is committed to releasing a minimum of one new upgrade for XRS™ Connect every year to ensure our users always have access to the latest technology available.

Product Details
  • 5/1/0.1 Watt Switchable Transmission Power
  • Rugged Design, IP67 Ingress Protection
  • MIL-STD810G Rating
  • Class-leading 2 Watt Speaker
  • Transflective Colour LCD Display (TFT)
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology – Audio & Data
  • Built-in GPS Receiver - Location Aware
  • XRS™ Connect – Smartphone Application
  • Scansuite™ – Digital Scanning Technology
  • Multiple Power Saving Modes

In the Box:
  • 5 Watt Handheld UHF CB Radio (XRS-660)
  • 2550mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack (BP030)
  • Rapid Desktop Charger (BCD026)
  • AC Adaptor (PS005)
  • Belt Clip (MB059)
  • Quick Start Guide

Available Accessories:

  • IP67 Speaker Microphone (MC013)
  • Earpiece Microphone (HS017)
  • Belt Clip (MB059)
  • 2550mAh Li-ion Battery Pack (BP030)
  • Rapid Desktop Charger (BCD026) 
Product Specifications:

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